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On this web page you discover intriguing and wonderful facts about…


… Where we live.  Welcome to San Francisco!  It's a long way from Upstate NY (where our hearts are), but it is a remarkable place.  This is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge; which spans the narrow waterway connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Bay.  We took this from the Marin side (at the rest-stop.)


… Joanne and Chuck.  If you didn't know what we look like, then you're probably at the wrong site.  J  This picture was taken in Las Vegas during our vacation there in July of 2000.  (For rants on how HOT Las Vegas is, click here.)


… Noah Joseph, the latest addition to the Frederick Dynasty.  Isn't he adorable?  Noah, born on April 6, 2001, is a picture-perfect child (click here to find out why.)  This picture was taken in his vibrating chair.  When he coos, he sounds like a lawn mower.  J



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